Both the light and the dark within each of us is what makes us who we are. In this game play as two spirits, one light, one dark. One cannot succeed without the other. One has what the other lacks. The player must use each spirit's unique power to complete the levels. Find the key and take it to its destination to keep advancing and ultimately win.
Jam year: 
Stick Together
Take A Break
Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
Don’t go alone, take THIS (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Substance Painter, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Z-Brush, Ableton, Freesound.org, Adobe Illustrator

Directors- Samantha Ames, Luu Quoc Thai

Lead Character Modeler- Samantha Ames

Lead Animator- Joey Kenneth Blocker

Lead Character Texture Artists- Samantha Ames, Kelsey Necowitz

Level design - Christian Wheeler, Phil Echavarria, Luu Quoc Thai

Trailer: Zachary Bowman

Prop Modelers- Samantha Ames, Kiju Kim, Kelsey Necowitz, Logan Zimmermann, Gabriel Laberge, Alexis Behilo

Prop Texture Artists- Kiju Kim, Logan Zimmermann, Emily Cushing, Alexis Behilo

Animators: Chi To

Assistant Creature modeler: Zachary Bowman

UI - Christian Wheeler

Cinematic Assistants- Samantha Ames

Unreal Engineers- Phil Echavarria, Christian Wheeler

Concept Artists- Tea Nguyen, Monet Declouette, Josh Huang, Katriella Britt, Jean Basiletti, Kelsey Necowitz, Emily Cushing

Composer- Logan Zimmermann

Sound Designer- Logan Zimmermann

Graphic Designers: Samantha Ames, Cory Erickson, Gabriel Laberge

Skybox Background Artist: Emily Cushing

Team Mom: Zachary Bowman

Copyright: The copyright to each asset belongs to the artist who made it

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Game Tags: 
Third Person