The Soul Tower

In the valley of the ancients, a Soul tower has emerged. This crystalline structure can only mean an evil soul trying to break into the world of the living. As a Soul Guardian, who can SHIFT between the realms of living and dead (LEFT SHIFT), you have been sent with the task of scaling the tower. FIGHT LIGHT AND DARK SOULS while SHIFTING between these realms to reach the top and defeat the summoner of the tower. These towers attract many souls from the realm of the dead. Using CAMPFIRES can empower your physical being or summon their skills to fight with you. Duality Elements (2d/3d)(Complementary Colours)(life/soul(death))(dark/light) Incomplete: Missing/Bugs - ​No Sound, No Boss, Limited enemies, No Player Damage from enemies, Backwards arrows, Enemies attacking always left, No Player Death, No End Game, Arrows sometimes not firing from correct point (off screen or in ground)
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download The Soul Tower.Zip


Go to Unzipped folder

Double click - The Soul Tower.exe


Lead Game Design, Programming, Model, Prototyping - Michael Manson

Art, Game Design - Ants_nest

Game Design, Asset Recolour - TerminalSniper5

Lead Programmer, Game Design - impojr

Programmer - Dalibor

Other Assets - Free Assets Folder from Unity Asset Store.

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Side Scroller