Shafimu Rumble

Welcome in the wonderful world of Shafimu Rumble!!! Everyone knows the fundamental way to fight someone: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS (or Chifoumi in french)! But here’s an advanced version with elements associations! Who knows what our well knows objects will become… Are you ready to challenge your opponent in an epic battle called: SHAFIMU RUMBLE HOW TO PLAY: It’s a two players game in local. Each player CHOOSE AN ITEM at the same time, using: With keybord: Player 1 = ASD (or 123) Player 2 = ←↓→(or 789) With gamepad (PS) Player 1 = ←↓→ (on d-pad) Player 2 = □ ⅹ ○ CONFIRM your selection using: With keybord: Player 1 = W (or 4) Player 2 = ↑ (or 0) With gamepad (PS) Player 1 = ↑ (on d-pad) Player 2 = ▲ Repeat the operation to CHOOSE AN ELEMENT! For MORE FUN AND SURPRISE, don’t forget to cover your playing hand with your other hand and try to trick your opponent by many click sound before confirmation! The AMAZING ASSOCIATION of your item and element WILL DISPLAY. Press a button to continue. THE RUMBLE START NOW IN FRONT OF YOUR AMAZED EYES! Nobody knows who will win! Another round, same rules BUT you cannot use the item used before nether the same element, so choose wisely on the first one! There will be THREE ROUNDS to settle who deserves to be the SHAFIMU MASTER !!!
Jam year: 
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Unreal Engine 4.26 (Blueprints) LMMS & Audacity (Sound Design) Blender (3D modelisation) Copic on paper (analogic, scanned) Gimp (retouch of the graphics)

HowlAtTheMood = Programmation

EriKuma = Drawings

Katigura = Sounds & Music

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