Salad Dressing

Have you ever needed to wash some skinny jeans, but you also needed to toss some salad to get in shape for them? Don’t worry! We’ve got the perfect place to help ya out with both! Welcome to Super Salad Laundry Palace! The world’s first Greenery Cleanery, where we will never leaf a customer unsatisfied. Why did we decide on this type of career model? … Anyways! Salad Dressing is a time management and strategy game. Toggle the setting, throw the customer’s salad or laundry in the machine, watch it Wash ‘n’ Toss, and serve it right up to them when it’s Squeaky Green! There’s only 5 working machines, so try not to keep too many people waiting. Rack up as high a score as you can before the workday ends! We made this for UCSC’s 2022 Global Game Jam over a span of 48 hours, so we hope you all enjoy our game and all the effort we put into it!
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Sustainable (Sponsored by Virtuos)
20th Century Gaming
Acutely Eye-dentifiable
All that Jazz
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Producer / Sound Design / Lead Game Designer

Phuc Nguyen


Coding / Lead Design

Kaizena Ma


Lead Artist / Game Design

Cindy Hoang


Art / Game Design

Holly Cheng


Writing / Game Design

Bryant Chau


Lead Game Designer / Writing

David Nguyen


Sound Attributions

This Game uses these sounds from

"toilet_flushing_button.wav" by magedu 

licensed under CCBY 3.0

“Frustration.ogg” by silversatyr

Licensed under CCBY 3.0

“Poof of Smoke” by Planman 

Licensed under CC0 1.0

“10661 bonus correct answer.wav” by Robinhood76

Licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0

“Wrong Choice” by unadamlar

Licensed under CC0 1.0

“Door bell sound.mp3” by combine2005

Licensed under CC0 1.0

“door close 2.wav” by THE_bizniss

Licensed under CCBY 3.0

“Pop Sound” by ConarB13

Licensed under CC0 1.0

“button 26.wav” by bubaproducer

Licensed under CCBY 3.0

“Beeping” by fennelliott

Licensed under CC0 1.0

“Laundry Room Ambience” by moviebuffgavin

Licensed under CC0 1.0


Music: “Eternal Funk Palace” by Ketsa

From: Free Music Archive 



Music: “Take Me Higher” by Jahzzar

From : Free music Archive

CC BY-SA 4.0


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Point & Click