Playing as 2 robots locked in an escape room where they must solve puzzles on a time limit. Each robot only has 1 minute of battery life and must power down before they run out or risk dying. While one robot is powered down the other one powers on. Both robots are necessary to solve the puzzle as they have different programming and skillsets. One is tall and can reach high places but can not read text and one is short but needs help getting on top of things. Together they are able to escape but they must help each other on each of their turns to support each other in solving the escape room. This game is single player, but we recommend playing co-operatively to enforce the theme of DUALITY. The idea is each player takes responsibility for one of the robots, and they swap the controller (mouse and keyboard in this case) when powering down. Thankyou for trying out our submission!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Download and unzip Zip folder

Click GGJ_Team_Emotional_Damage.exe


Benjamin Emdon - Project Manager and Lead Designer

Tyler Boundy - Lead Programmer

Joshua Fox - Environment Artist

Bryoni Spencer - 2D Artist

Kelvin Statham - Designer

Izzy Raymond - Audio

Joe Dawes - Programmer, Voice Talent and muffin support

Maddie Churchill - Moral Support


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