Rift Jumper

As a valiant yet troubled warrior, you find yourself battling between extremes. Fight or sneak your way through this hack & slash game by rapidly switching between two opposing forms! But be wary! As the longer you exist as one form, the more that form exudes its power. If you cause the world to fall into infinite light or eternal darkness, you yourself destroy the world! As your form sways the world's ambiance, rival enemies will adapt to their surrounding and mutate their abilities to better you in your own playing field. You must fight back against those who harm others, You must hone your skills under extreme pressure, You... must control your inner balance. As the light, heroic, Paladin Form you can: (Primary ability) - Deal sword combo attacks, (Secondary ability) - Shield bash to crowd control: a destructive ability. As the dark, elusive, Shadow Form you can: (Primary ability) - Deal a spin scythe attack (Secondary ability) - Shadow step under obstacles and enemies: an evasive ability. Inputs: Move - WASD, Primary Ability - Left Mouse Button, Secondary Ability - Right Mouse Button, Switch Form - Spacebar/Shift/Tab
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Game Tags: 
Third Person