Quantum Racers

Game made by WhamBros (UI and assets builder) and Morituri (Scripter) Quantum Racers is a fun racing game with the main mechanic being our so called *warp ability*, so we have taken the concept of a mario kart racing game and added our take at the theme duality, the possibility of racing in 2 dimensions. The warp ability allows a player for a short amount of time to race in another realm, it's the same track but has different looks based on a grid neon style and different speeds for your vehicle!. This means for example that you can drive through other racers while being in the opposite dimension of theirs. Might sound interesting, the whole point is to use this warp ability to tactically outplay opponents or to open up small shortcuts on the track. Our game can be played singleplayer or with a team of up to 6 people! this allows a lot of fun with your friends. all mechanics are stated in the Lobby area, which is the garage, where you will find yourself comfy while waiting till the next race starts!
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Core Exercise (Sponsored by Core Games)
MS Windows
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Core Engine
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Newest version of Core is basicly it, nothing else required :D


Morituri made this with me

Thanks for Core's amazing assets and easy to use engine!

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Third Person