Adrian has decided to live without any relationship and he left Ivette offering his friendship, which was rejected and she went away. After its encounter he returned home where he continues with his job as a software engineer. One day, he has been very stressed for a job problem and decided to drink alcohol and he finished very drunk falling asleep. Into this binge, he will deal with his past and thinking about the good and evil he thinks he has done, specially with the appearance of one person: Ariadne, his ex-girlfriend before Ivette, but not everything is good as it looks and not everything is bad as it looks. It's a matter of approach.
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Acutely Eye-dentifiable
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Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Just add water :3
Install EXE file (Windows), drag executable to your Applications folder (MacOS)


The following assets were used during the realization of this game. Thanks to their creators for releasing them:

- SideScroll Worlds SET2 by Szadi Art (
- Pixel Art Platformer - Village Props by Cainos (

Differences with PSYCHE:

- The Input System has been upgraded. Now you may play with keyboard, XBOX, PS4 or Switch Pro Gamepads.
- Improvements with several bugs in the player.

Due it's a sequel, it's a continuous effort of development. The first thing I'm grateful from this Global Game Jam is that I can keep the discipline for making this development and improvements of the previous one. Also the learned skills like pixel art and chiptune. Also I want to thank almost the same people of the last year.

Starting, as the last 3 years, with Hector Guerrero (Astucia) for organizing everything with his CCD team. Thanks for all of your effort for you and your team during 3 years in a row :).

I want also say thanks to Draic/Mackrugen, Chemasmas, Kiramishima, BaK, JETeran, Aikas the Bard, Asobulab and all of the buddies that approach to me for at least saying hello or "You have the story and the GDD, keep working !!!"

Finally I want to thank all of jammers.
This is from a gamer to all gamers.


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