Project Mirror

The player is dropped into a world set within a closed off area. The player finds themselves with an ability to flip between 2 mirrored dimensions. Their goal is to determine what caused another alternate universe to splice with their own. As the player flips back and forth they are found in a position in which they need to perform a series of actions to revert the splice. As the worlds have merged with objects and buildings beginning to pop up from each universe within each other, their objective is to send back all the odd components back to their rightful place through a linear chain of events (puzzles) and stop any further destruction.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip Folder,  Open the folder, run "Project_Mirror.exe"

// Play -through\\
To access the last room to put the power source back the player must restore power and fix the machine. To fix the machine they will need to locate the monitor and take it back to the machine. After this they will need to find the 3 numbered switched and make sure they are all on(located in both worlds). Once this is complete the last two switches in the house must be turn on within 6 seconds of each other. once all three objectives are complete the player can pick up the machine and place it on the platform in the newly unlocked room. This will finish the game.


Kieran Wu 
Natan Walentin-Konieczny

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Third Person