Perfect Hotdog

A man left his hotdog on his kitchen table, he was about to enjoy his hotdog but suddenly he realized he has forgot to buy relish for the hotdog, so he left his hotdog on the table and went out to buy relish. Refusing to be eaten, the wiener takes the opportunity to jump up and run away. The player will play as the bun with the mission to secure the run-away hotdog before the man comes back with relish. [Theme: Duality (ketchup/mustard) (wiener/bun) (player/enemey)]
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

​Antony (Antonysze#9999)  Twitter

Game Designer

Chun (Tsuyushigure#9800) Twitter

Audio Director
Audio Production

Evan (ChantNational#3564) Twitter  Artstation

3D Character Modeler

Lillia (RedBerrie#6666) Website

3D Character Rigging & Animation
Level Design
UI Art

Kitchen Environment Asset: Tatiana_Lytvyn

some prop model & texture:  bhavin#0120
Voice Over Artist:  "Red" Alex

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Third Person