My Everyday Mirrored Everyway

Rhee, a plucky young child who loves to enjoy daily internet activity. Browsing a game development forum one fateful night, after screenshotting an NFT made from the visage of a famous anime character, did they suffer the consequences. A vengeful visage resembling the NFT reached out from the screen, dragging Rhee in. After some time, Rhee awakens to the contemporary land she knows, with one noticeable difference. Parts of the world are semi transparent, with reflective objects transmitting beams of light. Able to move between the contemprorary and metaverse to find a way out, Rhee must move the mirrors to activate the escape route. However, Rhee must move quickly, for a shimmer lurks within the area, hungering for fresh data. Can Rhee successfully escape the metaverse and return home?
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Archer Sterling: Game Design, 3D art, Shader Art
An Troung: 2D Art, 2D UI
Caleb Rolph: 3D Art
Xuan Tien Pham: Software Engineering
Vincent Ong: Software Engineering, Shader Art
James Campbell: Software, Voiceovers
The Gnome Lord: Narrative, Cinematics

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