Moon Rush

Moon Rush is a inverse Endless Runner where you play as a werewolf known as Wolfgang Amadeus Notsomorzat who is persecuted by farmers. The player alternates between hunter and prey depending on the visibility of the moon. Crash Bandicoot meets Pac-man. Farmers are furious because Wolfgang devoured their chicks and hens, they will try to hunt him with shotguns and pitchforks while he is in his more vulnerable form. However, when the moon is completely visibile Wolfgang transforms into his wolf form, reversing the roles and becoming the Hunter. Good hunting.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Extract and Play. 


Agustin Moratorio - 3D Artist

Bruno Ferreyra - Programmer

Mattia Ermolli - 3D Artist

Franco Ermolli - UI and 2D Artist 

Matias Caquias - Programmer

Gonzalo Varela - Composer and Sound Designer


Everyone - Production and Game Design

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Third Person