The Witch needs a familiar by her side! Which one will she choose, Para or Mara? The Witch spits paranvoi (Para's butter) and maranpaska (Mara's shit) that Para and Mara need to avoid. The quicker and more careful one will be chosen! Para and Mara are creatures from Finnish folklore. Para is a troll cat/troll ball that steals milk, butter and cream from households to grow its owners wealth. Mara is a nightmare troll, a dark creature that disturbs sleeping people and animals. Two player game. Mara: WASD keys. Para: Arrow keys. Spells in the game are inspired by "Suomen Kansan Muinaisia Loitsurunoja" -book by Salakirjat / Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura.
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
  • Frida Lindholm: Lead Developer, Designer
  • Sonja Yrjölä: Supporting Developer, Character Design/Animation
  • Iida-Sofia Kivistö: Lead Designer, Splash Screens
  • Muura Karu: Background Artist, Designer
  • Emma Louhivuori: Original Score
  • Mirka Raasakka: Lore, Color Design
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