Medium is a casual arcade game, with a very peculiar analog art in watercolors, where you are a medium with the purpose of howling at entities, demons and ghosts that are in strange houses, but be very careful because your body is exposed and entities and ghosts can possess it. Are you ready to howl at them all? Time to exorcise! ( press space to unfold, arrows to move)
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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To be able to play enter the link and download the folder, select the folder that comes with the requirements of your computer, finally select the executable and that's it.

Para poder jugar ingresa al link y descarga la carpeta, selecciona la carpeta que viene con los requisitos de tu computadora, finalmente selecciona el ejecutable y listo.


KYO - Artist ( Inst: @Ricardo.alias.kyo ).

Khadame - Game Designer / Producer ( Inst: @hurrembuhayrat.__ ).

LeitoSimon - Developer ( Inst: @Leitosimon).

Du Nervous - Support  ( Inst: @Du_nervous ).


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