Me & myself

A murder mystery/problem solving game in which the main character,a lost and bitter woman in her 30s,hears about the death of her estranged mother. when arriving to her childhood home for the funeral the main character discoveres there is more to her mother’s death than meets the eye. As the main character uncovered a locket that can turn her back in time to her teenage years for a limited amount of time,the player must help the the main character investigate what really happened to her mother in a series of puzzles both as her present-self and back in time as a teenager. This game explores the concept of duality as the sets of riddles that challenge the player happen both in the main character’s present self grapple with the aftermath of the death of her mother and the main character’s teenage self where she explores who exactly her mother was.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Android device, iPhone, iPad, Generic mobile platform


Nora Alabdulkareem Athog AlWahabi   Lulu Albesher   Jude Alsoqair                                                                           Ghala Alzahrani



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