Duality "Real life and Imaginary world" The player has to beat his fears so he doesn't become depressed and he will face 7 fears parents, friends, a life partner,... etc. He will take medicine to escape but he will go to the spirit world and after he was walking in a limited space as one side he will walk in a multidimensional world and will face other spirits some of them will give him bad thoughts and some will give him good thought, in each level, he will face the Boss spirit and he has to grab him to light so he will beat him and gain level color (one of the seven basic colors), once he finishes the seven levels he will beat all his fears and back to reality.
Jam year: 
I See Where You're Coming From
Stress Free
Everyone is a Creator
Don’t go alone, take THIS (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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Side Scroller