Lineage is a side-scroller action-adventure game set in the distant past of ancient Persia, as well as the far future, filled with robots, augmentations, and lasers. In it you play as Sim, a warrior of the future, working to save his world in the fight against the Devas, a race of demonic creatures. Along the way gameplay shifts from Sim in the future to his ancestor Simurgh in ancient times. Certain abilities are only accessible in the future, however. Sim can double jump while Simurgh cannot. Simurgh has to get up close with his laser while Sim can hurl his from a greater distance.
Jam year: 
Celebrate and Protect Cultural Heritage - (Sponsored by Cultural Antiquities Task Force of the US State Department)
20th Century Gaming
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Google Docs, Pixel Studio, Pro tools, GIMP, FL Studio, IbisPaint x
Installation Instructions: 

You can find the executable file in the release>LineageBUILD>WindowsNoEditor>CyberpunkPersia.exe





                               Designer, AI, UI, Player Mechanics, Level Design-   Brian DuBoff-Lopez

                               Programmer-                                                                 Derrick Janssen

                               Writer-                                                                             Dominic Tramontana

                               Audio-                                                                             Gabriel Rivera Nunez

                               Designer/Programmer/Level Design-                                                Hector Garcia

                               Programmer/Developer-                                              Jacob Walston

                               Producer-                                                                        Mayank Panchariya

                               Artist/ Level Designer-                                                  Terræ Hoecker

                               Co Producer-                                                                   Trenton Alex


                                                       ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORS

                               Szadiart : background ruined temple

                               Penusbmic: sci-fi dystopian tileset & Ruins tileset

                               FoozleCC: Barrett city

                               Coloritmic: neon city

                               Ansimuz: cyberpunk street environment

                               Trixie: strong star fields

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Side Scroller