The Last Thylacine

Short 3D adventure game where you are told to hunt a thylacine. Do you? After Mother says, "Take this" make sure you go towards the rock and pick up the gun. Keep the thylacine in sight at all times or you may get horribly lost. The best way to control movement is to keep the W key down all the time and steer with the A and D keys. Oh, and just be aware that Mark went full-on with the terrain so the game takes ages to load.
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Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
Don’t go alone, take THIS (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Hunter Marcus Temby
Mother Kathy Smart
Poem by Rudyard Kipling Marcus Temby

Click Go The Shears Rolf Harris
Queensland Drover  Maginnis / Johns
The Drover's Dream  Stringy Bark Band
The Wild Colonial Boy The Irish Rovers
Bound for South Australia  Whiskey Dram
The Dying Stockman  Botany Bay Singers
Moreton Bay  Penny Davies and Roger Ilott
Waltzing Matilda  André Rieu
Botany Bay  André Rieu and Mirusia

Birds in trees ProSound!details?id=814198
Breathing OculusAudioPack01 voice_male_breathing_01
Crawling krnash
Crow davidworksonline
Dogs running ramagochi 119638__ramagochi__dogs-running-in-a-forrest-16
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Gun-hits-ground Leady
Movement through bushes body_movement_through_bushes_03
Pup1 unfa
Pup2 mewsel
Puppies in lair TRP
Sheep   Sheeps Out at Feed 1 -
Shot 1 Marregheriti
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Bullet-hits-dirt_01 toxicwafflezz
Bullet-hits-dirt_02 toxicwafflezz
Bullet-hits-dirt_03 toxicwafflezz
Bullet-hits-dirt_04 filmmakersmanual
Bullet-hits-dirt_04 filmmakersmanual
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Bullet-hits-dirt_05 filmmakersmanual
Bullet-hits-dirt_06 filmmakersmanual
Bullet-hits-dirt_06 filmmakersmanual
Bullet-hits-dirt_07 filmmakersmanual
Bullet-hits-dirt_07 filmmakersmanual
Bullet-hits-dirt_08 filmmakersmanual
Bullet-hits-dirt_08 filmmakersmanual
Bullet-hits-wolf filmmakersmanual
Bullet-hits-wolf filmmakersmanual
Wolf-about-to-attack Lerdavian
Wolf-at-bay EminYILDIRIM
Wolf-Attack_01 EminYILDIRIM
Wolf-Attack_02 mewsel
Wolf-Attack_03 EminYILDIRIM
Wolf-howl_01 simcotter
Wolf-howl_02 simcotter
Wolf-howl_03 simcotter
Wolf-howl_04 be-steele
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Wolf-howl_07 taira-komori
Wolf-howl_07 betchkal
Wolf-howl_08 betchkal
Wolf-howl_09 betchkal
Wolf-howl_10 betchkal
Wolf-howl_11 betchkal
Wolf-is-hit vikuserro
Wolf-mourning-howl EminYILDIRIM
Wolf-running sabotovat
Wolf-snarl-in-distance Christopher Derp

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Conifers Conifers [BOTD] URP.unitypackage
Mother Anton puzanov 1989
Gun OneProgram's
Collie dog Redik_Bilalov
Rocks and boulders 2
Manufactura K4
Village Pack
Cowboy hat

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