The Knowhere Express

A poetic journey through the afterlife where you help spirits reach their final destination. A game inspired by the story of the river Styx and its ferryman. In this game you play as the conductor of the knowhere express, a train lost spirits take to their final destination. Your job is to talk to the spirit passengers and find out where they need to go. Some will know exactly what they need, others can be a little vaguer. When you know where to drop them off you hand them a stamped ticket to their final destination. When the train arrives there, they will get out of the train. Can you lead everyone to the right destination or will you doom them for all eternity by dropping them off at the wrong stop?
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Other software: - Photoshop - 3ds Max - Visual Studio - Maya 3D - Blender - Adobe Mixamo (character animations)
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Controls - (You can find this info in the book in game as well)
WASD to move
Walk into an NPCs location to talk to them
Use your mouse to interact with the tickets and the book (click them)


oᴉpnʇS Ondersteboven - 2022
Game design: Mirna van Steenbergen, Eise Booij
3D character Art: Eise Booij
3D environment Art: Friso Booij, Shanice de Jong
2D Art: Mirna van Steenbergen, Rutger Oudenampsen, Friso Booij
Programming: Simon de Bruijne
Narrative & writing: Mirna van Steenbergen, Eise Booij
Game audio: Erik van der Vliet & Eise Booij

Special thanks to
Inger for attending our brainstorm.
Sterre (Emotional support animal) for and supporting the team along the way.

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