Kawaii Invaders

You play as two characters who are flying their Spaceships trying to dodge meteors in space without being destroyed. There is also a random event timer that will give both ships opposite effects. Some events are one ship doubles in size while the other shrinks.
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Acutely Eye-dentifiable
Keep it Clean
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the Executable, and open Kawaii Invaders.exe. Click Play and the Game begins.

Kittens Controls (Left/Pink Character):
Use the "A" and "D" Keys to move left and right. 
"W" to Fire a Projectile.

Koalas Controls (Right/Blue Character):
Use the "Left Arrow" and "Right Arrow" Keys to move left and right. 
"Up Arrow" to Fire a Projectile.

To close the game you must die by hitting a meteor, Click "Back" then "Quit".


This game was created as a part of the Global Game Game 2022.
Our Programmer is Ashley Ross and our Artist is Scott Bassett.
Music was sourced from  https://mixkit.co/

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