Inside out

The world is originally as a whole, with multiple color. Once a time in the history of the world, it devided into two same pieces in totally different color- black and white. People who colored white live in the white side, vice versa. Life passed on, but people living in the world no longer realize the existence of the other world. This is all the things on the surface side. But the things are not so simple as it looks. There happens many things that are unreasonable in both two worlds. And our protagonist, who meet a strange mirror and gain the ablity of passing between the two worlds and also change his color, are going to uncover the secretes of the seperation of two worlds step by step. The core mechanism for this game will be passing through two similar but not same map with "portals" and thus pass reach the final point.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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A往后D往前 空格跳跃 E互动 SHIFT翻滚 ,在下边的世界左右颠倒


Rokcy for programming

Larry and Erwen for art

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