Hunger Pangs

An FPS action game which combines myth and bitter reality, a young man contracted vampirism, and fought his thirst for blood for quite a while. Now, it has become to much to handle, and on his path to sate his desires he will be forced to choose between damning himself for power or suffering for salvation. He will, quite literally, fight his addiction in order to be free of it... Whether he succeeds is up to the player. Each choice has it's perks and drawbacks as your sorcery grows stronger the more resolve you show, and your body receives beastly strength the more you indulge.
Jam year: 
Take A Break
Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender, Substance Painter, Sweet Home 3D

Project lead: Josip Barun

Enemy design: Nikolina Brandšteter

Character design: Sara Horvat  

VFX: Ilija Krišto

Level design: Patrik Pavelić 

Lead programmer: Timon Popović

AI: Vjekoslav Špoljarić

Level design: Patrik Pavelić 

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