Hit Arena

Master long and short range skills, survive to become a legend. Gather a group of friends and return to fantasy on the board Game: Hit Arena Number of players: 2-10 Characters: Mage, Warlock, Druid, Monk, Assassin, Ranger, Paladin, Warrior, Barbarian and Bard. Each character wields a basic ranged and melee weapon that can be upgraded with treasures found on the map. Character Resources Life: 100 life points Basic Weapon Ranged: 1 – Damage | 3 - Reach Melee Basic Weapon: 3 – Damage | 1 - Reach Turn: Each character can use 2 actions 1 - Basic movement 2 – Reveal treasure or attack Respawn points can be used to restore 2 health points, however, the character takes no action. Treasures Staff: Eden Type: Ranged A staff so ancient that many believe it comes from the Garden of Eden's own tree of life, it has the pure power of life, but it can also dive into the lips of demonic creatures. Who can use it: Mage and Warlock Mage: Uses the element of water life to make a basic weapon attack and freeze the movement of a character that is within its range. Warlock: Summons a fire serpent that manipulates a character within its range and makes it attack another character within its range. Familiar: Rock Type: Melee The Fel Bear "Rock" can be summoned from another dimension to aid its summoner. His spirit can be calm or furious like nature, depending on who he answers the call. Who can use it: Warlock and Druid Warlock: Roll the dice and if you roll between numbers 4-6 the character's melee attack increases by another 3 points. Druid: Roll the dice and if it rolls between the numbers 1-3 the familiar enters in front of any attack to defend the summoner or an ally. Elemental: Spirit of Gaia Type: Ranged Mother Earth Gaia before falling into a deep sleep, divided her essence from the elements into a spirit that chooses its bearers to fight in her name. Who can use it: Druid and Monk Druid: Controls tree roots to attack with basic weapon and trap your target within your ranged to prevent it from moving next turn. Monk: Uses the heat of the sun to heal 4 health from self or an ally Daggers: Skoll and Hati Type: Melee The spirits of the Skoll and Hati wolves that stalk the sun and moon have materialized into dagger forms that now stalk their foe and cause despair as the blade cuts through the air at the sound of an ominous howl. Who can use it: Monk and Assassin Monk: Covers his body with the sun's flames and jumps up to 2 spaces after the move. If the Monk arrives in the area of his melee attack on the enemy, he deals 3 more attack points for each jumped square, totaling a maximum of 6 attack points. Assassin: Covers himself with the cloak of night to surprise them from behind, dealing critical damage. Roll the dice, the number that lands is added to your basic attack. Bow: Artemis Type: Ranged The hunting goddess Artemis's own bow left for someone talented enough to take aim again, her hunt never stood a chance. Who can use it: Assassin and Ranger Assassin: Focus a basic attack on any character on the board. Ranger: Rapid Fire causes your basic ranged attack to hit the target 2 times. Sword: Kindragon Type: Melee The ancient sword of the king of a kingdom now in ruins. Its former owner used it to eliminate all dragons from their lands, but lost his life mowing down the leader of the dragonflight. He brought peace and extinction from his kingdom at the same time. Who can use it: Ranger and Paladin Ranger: Slashes the target twice with your basic attack, for a maximum of 6 points. Paladin: Use holy magic to claim the dragon's flames, burning the target for ongoing damage for up to 3 turns, each turn the target loses 1 life for each attack it receives from any other character. Shield: Rogers Type: Ranged Despite being a shield that "protects", it has been used several times for throwing and escapes the logic of physics, indicating that it is somehow magical. Who can use it: Paladin and Warrior Paladin: Use to protect yourself or an ally from any attack. Warrior: Slams your weapon against the shield generating a sound that frightens enemies, taking away their defense for 3 rounds, each attack on this target generates 1 more attack point for each character. Axe: Assis Type: Melee Initially used as a pacifying weapon to unite peoples, the Machado de Assis was corrupted, now it generates chaos wherever it goes and the blood it spills becomes tragic poetry of those who survived out of mercy or to spread the power of its user to others. Who can use it: Warrior and Barbarian Warrior: Spin your weapon nonstop and hit all surrounding targets with a basic attack 2 times. Barbarian: With unstoppable rage, the Barbarian can make a basic attack, roll the die to move again, and make another attack on another character. Echo inheritance Type: Ranged Not everyone can reach extremely loud sounds or that can influence other people. Echo Inheritance is a skill few can develop and scare or enchant their enemies. Who can use it: Barbarian and Bard Barbarian: Battle Cry that makes the character jump to the enemy and do a basic weapon attack. Bard: Sings a melody that enchants the target and causes them to attack another character within their attack range. Dwarves Alchemy Advanced knowledge of alchemy allows you to create potions in powerful flasks thrown at close range or to create drinks strong enough to forget about love or physical pains. Who can use it: Bard or Mage Bard: Create a beer strong enough to heal yourself or an ally by 4 health points. Mage: Creates chemical potions mixed with magic with area-destructive power, hits all surrounding targets and causes them to take 1 more damage for each attack received from other characters for 3 turns.
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On Board
Made to Play Together
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Used 3D printers and laser cutting machine to create the board. Arduino was also used to create a digital panel to interact with the characters' resources
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Used images from Freepik only for game prototyping


Gamer Designer:
Flávio Domeniche
Lean Sartori

Patrick Oliver
Raphael Jara
Caio Augusto Roa

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