Staff Tapper

Our game for Global Game Jam 2022 This is an experiment in procedural rhythm games using a spectrograph for individual tracks. Due to over-scoping many features have been cut, including the procedural elements. The Duality prompt was incorporated in the changing key signatures for the music and hit modes for the notes. By pressing F players can change how they interact with the rhythm game and what they hear. Given more time we would have had data from the spectrograph determining when the notes begin, the speed by which they move, and various aesthetic elements. The plan fell apart though when we couldn’t come up with a way for the graph to call for the instantiation of notes. The name is a reference to musical staffs that determine the key signature on sheet music. Given the opportunity the player character would have used a bow staff to swipe away the pegs/notes.
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I See Where You're Coming From
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