"Gecko-Rocket-Golf" is a "golfing" game featuring a tail-less Gecko with a rocket strapped to his back. Help the Gecko pass through the "goal-hole" in each level in as few rocket-jumps as possible. How To Play: Gamepad Recommended (but not included in tutorial or even the documentation...) Move: WASD Jump (small) - Spacebar (In air) Charge Rocket - Spacebar (In air) Launch Rocket - Release Spacebar Aim - Mouse or WASD (both are hard) Good luck! This game was made during 48 hours for the Gothenburg GGJ remote-site.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Houdini, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
The assets for the game world were procedurally modelled and UV'd using Houdini. The animations were done using procedural animation techniques. Textures were all made in Photoshop and Substance Painter.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the ZIP file and extract it somewhere nifty (like your desktop) then double-click the EXE file and you're good to go!


Art - Max Friberg
Animation - Max & Jesper
Code  - Jesper Uddefors

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