Galactic Communication Agency

Welcome to the "galactic communication agency", the cooperative dialogue game. In "galactic communication agency", players take control of two spaceship captains of different alien races. So different that one doesn't understand a word the other is saying. But how can they communicate? How does the Irridan people get food for the population of X'psilon? The remedy is the ancient civil service script of the vanished Intergalactic Empire. As differently evolved descendants of this empire, your computers found that you both still use some of these glyphs. Their programming does not allow to establish new glyphs, and you dont even have a glyph for everything you need. So you can only use a combination of the glyphs you have to hint at what you want to say. To make things worse, the meaning of these glyphs has changed vastly for each of you over the centuries. You will have to teach some of your glyphs to the other party, and learn some of theirs, until you can effectively communicate your trade requirements. (For example you might need „maps“, but you dont have a glyph for that. But you do have glyphs for „idea“, „planet“ and „small“. If you teach these to the other player, you just might get across what you really need.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.), Android device
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Unity (any product)

Henning Tassler

Kathrin Credo

Paul Determann

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