A 3rd person roll-a-ball puzzle game, with the ability to switch between 2 different surfaces. In order to roll you need to be the opposite material of the surface. Green surface: Rough & Sticky Red surface: Smooth & Slippery Press E to change the material on the ball. You can slide on smooth surface if the ball was smooth, but you wont have much control over it. The ball grips on rough surface if it was rough, but you will be slowed. Gravity Portal: Smooth ball will levitate on the portal, while the rough one is too heavy to do so. 1-Way-Arrows: Smooth ball will get a speed boost to the direction the arrow is pointing at and only moves to that direction, while the rough ball gets no speed boost but moves on both directions. Rough Walls: Rough ball can climb the rough walls slowly, while smooth ball cannot, but it can jump off the wall if already on it. (This is only a simple level tutorial)
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Game Tags: 
Third Person