Est-ce Noir?

"Est-ce Noir?" is a choose your own adventure game. Although the scenes play out very similarly, your choices when faced with ethical dilemmas limit what you can do later down the track. Often unintentionally, you end trapped in peculiar, dark or even fatal situations. The copy for the game features names of well known Film Noir actors and characters. It also has all the necessary Film Noir characteristics. Darkness, deceit, murder, mystery, moral ambiguity, money, corruption, a police investigator, and of course, a femme fatale. The imagery used for the game being dark, high contrast, heavily shaded, tilted, doused in smoke and grime. It uses the Niantic Lightship ARDK to provide a greyscale world based on your own surroundings using Lightship's depth mapping capabilities. We have set up a whole narrative system that will trigger different parts of the game depending on how far you have walked in the real world. We also use Niantic's Lightship ARDK meshing functionality to place clues within the real world which you can click to discover more about. A quick how to for starting the game if you play the proof of concept is there's a subtle sphere floating around when you first load the game. Click that to hear the starting narrative. In future, this will be a nicer and more visible button :D Beyond being a curious, mysterious and often treacherous game. "Est-ce Noir?" explores the duality of good and evil, lawful and unlawful. It asks, in a world that’s black and white... Is anything ever truly black or white?
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Android device, iPhone
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Unity (any product)
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Also used Niantic Lightship ARDK!

Created by MPAR — Meri and Patrick Catanzariti

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Point & Click