ElectroSwing Beatdown

2 players against each other in an epic dance battle! Both are trying to attract the dancing crowd with their sweet groovy moves. Which one will dominate the other and blast their tune on the dance floor! Player 1 (on the left) plays with WASD. Player 2 (on the right) plays with the Arrow keys.
Jam year: 
All that Jazz
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

You can use the Windows10 Executable to play the game, or if you wish to take a look at the source code from Unity :

Inside the src folder, copy all folders to another folder where you would like your Unity project to be located. Add the folder as an existing project using the Unity Hub

Install the DotTween Plugin from the asset store.

Voila !



Sarah Jayne Assmus, Discord : sasstrologer#5101

Étienne Caya, Discord : Quasimolo#1299

Charles-Antoine Solis, Discord : Ytraboz#2970

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