El Gran Artísta

“El Gran Artista” (The Great Artist) shows the hidden face of the theater through an operator who works behind the scenes trying to make the play go well using a series of levers and pulleys to manipulate the elements of the stage. The player will be given a script, which will not always be complete, and must prepare the necessary elements for the next scene, as well as fix the various breakdowns that may arise during the show. Our gameplay is inspired by the LCD games of the 80s and 90s like Game&Watch and our aesthetics in pop-up books and papercraft elements.
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20th Century Gaming
All that Jazz
Take A Break
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Download and Play.
Only playable with Controller.


Character Movement: D-Pad
Interactions: A (when standing in front of a mechanism)
Show Script: RB

Light Selector 1 (UpLeft Pulley): Down L-Joystick to change light color.
Light Selector 2 (UpRight 3Buttons): X Y B Buttons to light on and off different spotlights.
Prop Selector 1 (Left Selector): Right & Left L-Joystick to change the scenario for the next scene (Castle, Kraken and Ship).
Prop Selector 2 (Right Selector): X Y B Buttons to select the prop, then Spin L-Joystick to confirm (Moon, Sun and Sea).

Confirm Set (UpMid Lever): Alternate X and B to move it Left and Right until its done.


1. Read the Script

2. Prepare the Set for the Scene (lights and props)

3. Launch the Scene on time.


Set a proper scenario for each scene. The audience will react to your good or bad performance after the end of each scene.

Thank you for playing.


Juan Luís Abril - Programador
Adrián Córdoba - Game Designer
Franky Gandía - Artista 3D
Elías Vergara - Artista 2D/Concept Arist
Ignacio Ortíz - Sound Designer
Juan Novella - Sound Designer & Audio Director

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