Dual Allegiances

You live in a small town where humans and wolfmen are fighting an endless war. One day you wake up and realise you have forgotten who you are. A night comes before you manage to reach fellow humans when you notice a change happening. Suddenly you are a wolfman! Which side will you choose? Kill enough of the others to rid yourself of the curse. WASD to move. Aim with mouse. Left click is normal attack. Right click is a heavy leap attack for werewolf. Kill enough humans as a werewolf or wolfmen as a human to win!
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

bradur - Code, music, sounds, 2D art

Juutis - Code, 3D art, animations, level design

M2tias - Code, 3D art, level design

Pinuiini - Concept/2D art

Game Stills: