Dual Agent Color War

The color war has started and there are 4 factions that battle each other, one versus one, but their warships have to travel past a secure canal that is a "non-war" place. Until today. You play as a mercenary robot that receives contracts from all the factions and your duty is to go to that canal and sink as many warships as you can, but be aware! Every time a new contract arrives you have to attack the opposite faction you are being contracted, so satay alert for the warships color and don't attack the wrong ones! How to play: Move your robot and shoot to the ships, you have to shoot to the opposite team that is paying you (the flag will mark which team you are currently under payment). The teams that are in war are Blue vs Yellow and Red vs Green.
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MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
3D modelling was made with Blender - 2D art was made with Affinity Designer (no sound I had no time, sorry!)
Installation Instructions: 

To run the game just run the "ColorWar.exe" file

Arrow keys -> Character movement
Spacebar (maintain and release) -> Shoot
Mouse -> Menu navigation
Esc -> Pause menu while playing


Programming, 3D models and 2D assets made by Pau Aza

Font used for game title and in-game UI - Kenney Future Narrow, by Kenney

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