Draw Me Like One Of Your French Goats

This is a two-player game (played over LAN). One player controls a goat but cannot see the game world. The other player can see it, and has to draw what they see to tell the goat how to reach its goal, a red button. goat controls: "a", "d" or left/right arrows, space to jump. drawing: left mouse button. check the installation instructions if you need help connecting with your friend! MTL Game Jam Discord names: - Benoit#5314 - SugarDwarf
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

to play the game:
1 - The first player need to host the game (by clicking host in the first scene)
2 - The second player will need to write the link to the server in the input field.

We were expecting to submit an online version, but some issues limited this version to localhost/LAN. (we are using port 3000 for the server) If you still want online gameplay, you can forward your 3000 port. (you can find free solutions for that. we used ngrok - https://ngrok.com/)

3 - The hosting player can now select the level to start.
4 - Enjoy!

Also, don't use the "surprise me!" button. Really don't...


music: zapsplat

font: anna vasilieva - boom boom

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