Dead and Alive

The Yin and Yang fishes have swam together for eons, but because the light has been winning for decades, the black koi is dying. The light has become so oppressive, the black koi became smaller and smaller until almost nothing was left. The last win the black koi had, was to split a small part off of the white koi, a part that wasn't corrupted by his own power. The small black and white koi now fight against the big white koi, to restore balance. ------ In this game you play as two fish that rotate around each other. Use A and D to alter their position and incoming projectiles. Both fish share a single health circle, whenever one gets hit, the other heals back up! Stay alive as long as possible by balancing incoming damage to get the highest score!
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Stick Together
Take A Break
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Krita used for art
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Download Zip, the Unity build will be accessible from within.


Mike Tetteroo
Dennis Luf
Yari Joosten
Donny van Heeringen
Cheyenne Breeker

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