The Curse We Share

A mistake has confined a group of residents into a state of madness and decay, but the few veins of humanity that remain in these creatures has kept them together. You have arrived to find and preserve a stability between order and chaos, or to relish in the lunacy of choosing sides. Fight, for your own benefit or for the wellness of others. Mind the actions that shape your world.
Jam year: 
Stick Together
Everyone is a Creator
Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity Assets Baker's House - Evgenia | Lowpoly Environment - Nature Pack Free - Polytope Studio | Cartoon Farm Crops - False Wisp Studios | Fancy Tavern - NIX Solutions | Fantasy landscape - Pxltiger | Fantasy Skybox FREE - Render Knight | Free Stylized Nature Environment - Ink Phantom | FREE Stylized PBR Textures Pack - Lumo-Art 3D | Interactive Physical Door Pack - Art Notes | Low Poly Barriers Pack Free - Schatro Dev Assets | Low Poly Farm Pack Lite - JustCreate | Low Poly Fence Pack - Broken Vector | Lowpoly Modular Armors - Free Pack - Polytope Studio | Lowpoly Wells - 3dfancy | Medieval Defense [Low-Poly , All maps] - rastleks assets | Parks and Nature Pack - Lite - Gamemag Creation Studio | Root vegetables set - Vertex Cat | RPG Food & Drinks Pack - Holotna | Stylized Fantasy House - LowlyPoly | Stylized RPG Starter Weapons - Drunken Savants | Stylized Water For URP - Alexander Ameye | Stylized Well - BazLiter2016 | The Free Medieval and War Props - Inguz Media | Toon RTS Units - Demo - Polygon Blacksmith
Installation Instructions: 

-Acces link

-Download "TheCurseWeShare.rar"

-Unzip the file

-Execute "TheCurseWeShare.exe"


Game Design - Carla Elizabeth Villarreal Salazar, Alejandro Luevano Maldonado, Luis Ricardo Bárcenas Walls, Adrián Bucio García & Andrea Rebeca Moreira Lee | Art - Carla Elizabeth Villarreal & Andrea Rebeca Moreira Lee | Programming - Luis Ricardo Bárcenas Walls & Alejandro Luevano Maldonado | SFX - Adrián Bucio García | Level Design - Andrea Rebeca Moreira Lee

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