Conflicting Dimensions

A gatcha game where each character has a light and dark version. Collect them, and take them to fight your counter parts! level up their skills and defeat enemies to gain currency for the gatcha! How combat works: When combat starts, there are 3 allies and 3 enemies, all with 4 skills. Click the sprite of allies and enemies to select them Selected enemies get targetted for attacks Selected ally is the one who will attack There are 2 different types of attacks, single target and AoE, represented by 1 sword or 3 Each ability has a cooldown, as well as the character, so switch between them to make sure every character is attacking!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: when first booting up the game, it may think you have already started, so go to the main menu and hit reset, then boot up the game again and it will work



Josh Tan

Zach Newman


Kobe Mallon-Marsh


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