Cathemeral is a top down dungeon crawler based on the idea that you can play as two distinct characters at the same time. This is precisely where duality comes into the game, as two different aspects combine for one unique experience. You play as Eos, the embodiment of the eclipse. As an eclipse, Eos is able to take on the solar form or the lunar form, both with different abilities and a whole new playstyle. In solar form, Eos uses ranged basic attacks and has an ability that heals over time. The lunar form uses melee basic attacks and has an ability that allows for temporary invisibility from enemies. The solar form does reduced damage against the advanced sun type enemy, the satellite, but increased damage against the advanced moon type enemy, the terrestrial. The lunar form form is strong against the satellite, and weak against the terrestrial. Eos' goal is to rid known space of the evil Kardashev, a hulking eldritch mass of molten gas and bygone technology. In his first form, Kardashev is weak to moon type attacks, taking reduced damage from sun type attacks. In second form, he takes increased damage from sun type attacks and reduced damage from moon type attacks. Controls: Move - WASD (Arrow Keys) Attack - Left Mouse Button Ability - E Swap Form - Space
Jam year: 
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
FL Studio, Aseprite, Krita

Brad Musselman - Mechanic and AI Programming James Thomas - Audio Programming, Level and Mechanic Design, Mechanic Programming Jamal Bhola - Art/Animation, Level Design, Character Design Laura Rubin - Art/Animation, Character Design, Asset Design Aldo Emanuel - Music Composition, Sound Design

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