Caffeine dream

This is a game about a programmer stuck at home who is always sleepy and he's trying to stay awake. But once he succumbs to his exhaustion he slips into a dream which he desperately tries to get to the end of. And before too long he finds himself awake once more in his apartment. The duality in the game is represented by the two realities the character lives in: the real world and the dream world. The character can do 3 kinds of actions in the apartment: - do stuff that makes him sleepy - do stuff that keeps him awake - do stuff that increases the amount of time he is awake in both the real and the dream world. There's a sleepiness counter on the top left of the screen. When it reaches its maximum the character falls asleep. When the counter reaches 0 in the dream world the character awakes. The aim of the game is to reach the end of the dream world. Control: - W, A, S, D to move - E to use - R to reload the game - ESC to quit the game Mouse is not used. The game is running on a custom game engine unofficially called "the jam game engine". Engine and code by Zamfir Yonchev Visual design, level design and sounds by Boryana Gancheva
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Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
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Third Person