Infinite Runner You are a well-known and seasoned Nevada poacher. While on a buffalo hunt, a nature spirit observes you while you are hunting an ancestral buffalo. He puts a curse on you. At night, in the moonlight, your self is not the same, you look at your shadow: it is that of a cactus, you have heard about this curse, the cactanthropic affliction of the ancestral buffalo. Your only solution is to lift the curse before dawn and to do this there is only one way out, to catch the shadow of yourself, your dark cactanthrope form. You go down a slope at high speed and have to dodge obstacles, you can switch to your were-cactus form to keep going and avoid the impassable obstacles that block your way... We thought about a game developed on G-Develop, we needed assets and we did it with piksel-art.
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Android device, iPhone
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Game Designer - Main Developper : Martin Gasque

Sound Designer - Compositor : Clément Gasque

Visual Artist : Solène Charton

Character Designer : Mathias Calleja


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