Broken World

Once, monsters and elves were at war. The elves blasted balls of magic down on the underground dwellers while the monsters used the materials to make weapons. Many were lost, all for nought. Eventually, the leaders of the elves and monsters decided to stop the fighting and instead build a land of peace. As such, they joined their knowledge to create a path between their lands. With the elven magic and monster's technology, they were able to make an elevator. For several years, they lived in perfect duality. But there were a few who despised this and plotted to split both worlds once more. They destroyed the elevator and shattered the pieces. With no path between the races, neither the elves nor the monsters were able to fix the elevator. However, a pair of twins, born of a monster and an elf, found that they could hear each other even though they were split. Together, they must rebuild the elevator and restore duality to this now broken world. Source code (because upload wasn't working):
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download, extract then run the executable.


Game by:
William Copley (Thanatos Abaddon)

Art by:
Sebastian Bisak (whatamidoinghere)
Pre-purchased art (supplied by Tookie)

Special Thanks:
Tookie - ideas

Music from freesound by users:
Seansecret (menus)
Kasperaugsttopp (forest ambience)
gertraut-hecher (castle ambience)

Game Tags: 
Side Scroller