Be Here

"Be Here" is a stress free game about duality and non-duality (the duality of duality). Duality is having two states of mind separating the mind and the matter, sometimes contrasting, sometimes not. Non-Duality, in spirituality is having singular state of mind, where a person is 100% aware (being here) that they and the matter around them are interconnected with the universe. This game gives you a choice to chose the well known "duality", where good and bad are obvious, or "non-duality" where good and bad get fuzzy. You, as the player, can collect hearts, and move the world towards duality, or collect spiritual tokens and move the world towards non-duality. Those who know about non-duality, go ahead and experience oneness in the game. Those who do not know about non-duality as a concept, go ahead and jump in to know. BE AWARE, BE HERE.
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Stress Free
Keep it Clean
Take A Break
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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2.5D Platformer Game made with Unity.
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Run the Exe


Sujatha Nagarajan

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