Be Faster!

So you think you're the best racer in the world? Then measure your talent with your friends via online PvP! Be Faster! is a fast paced 3D tunnel racer that will push you to your limit, are you fast enough to dodge the slowdown pads and catch the acceleration pads to race through the finish line in first place? Good luck! A video game made in 48 hours, for the Global Game Jam 2022 (28th of Jan. to 30th of Jan.) Controls: A-key to steer left, D-key to steer right. In the main menu you can enter your own keycode like 12345 and click on Host with Code, this code you tell your friend, to join and play the game and with a click on Join with Code. Enjoy!
Jam year: 
Another Dimension
Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download, Unzip, Run the Game-Executable, Accept network traffic through your firewall, Enjoy!


Matthias Jakisch ( Grafix, Matthew Harper ( Music and SFX and Ben W. ( Programming

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