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Open for entire 48 hours
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Friday, January 29, 2021 - 5:00pm
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Hello everyone!

Make an AR experience in a weekend...

For this jam, we will be animating your local community using augmented reality (AR) - a digital technology which makes content pop up in phone/tablet cameras.


The challenge is to produce X Popupview campaigns in just 6 hours over the Global Game Jam weekend.  (X number depends on how many people get involved).

Timings for making campaigns

Planning: 5pm-7pm on Friday 29th January
Preparing and making: 10-2pm on Saturday 30th January
Making and showing: 10-2pm on Sunday 31st January

During the Game Jam, we will work from home to: 

- Find a story you want to tell in your community

- Take photos in your area are which are part of the story (these work as 'trigger images' to 'pop up' digital content)

- Find online / make 3D digital assets to animate the story (Find on Sketchfab/Google Poly, make using using Photoshop/Blender/VR draw tools etc) 

- We will put them together in the PopupView app (see and make them available for you to access via your phones

- You can then go on a trail around your chosen places and share with others so people to follow and animate your story using the PopupView app

- We will post details of the trail on the PopupView website for you, your community, and the world to find!

- These trails produced as part of the Global Game Jam will stay online for at least 3 months (till Easter) so you can go on the trail, take photos and share with friends and family


We have recently released PopupView as an app on the Google Play and Apple appstores. It is designed to host multiple campaigns with trails around different areas.

We are pleased to invite Global Game Jammers to help us launch and test the app by making their trails and sharing with the world!

Technically, the biggest challenge will be taking photos that 'work' as trigger images and making/identifying 3D assets that appear in the app.

We will provide more details on the process at the launch of the Game Jam.


If you do have Unity experience and would like to experiment with that, we can work with you to incorporate your designed scenes into the PopupView app. 

We will use Google Hangout to have regular meetups and discussions about progress and provide Youtube films with advice, tips and techniques on how to make content for the app.


Here's a fun way of telling stories about where you live and sharing them with the world, demonstrating your abilities and learning new technologies at the same time.

For us, this is an opportunity to inspire new users and share the fun of PopupView as well as gaining insight into the challenges of making and sharing content using the app.

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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Adults (Under 18s welcome but need legal guardian present)

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