Zombies Ate My Homework

Slingshot items from a Lost-and-found drawer to defeat endless waves of zombies! ------ “Okay, Mrs. Jones is never going to believe this…” You’re walking to school when, suddenly, a zombie appears and EATS your homework (and, well, most of your bag, too, but that’s not important). When you try to explain what happened, you’re met with detention instead. While sitting there, people start screaming outside and your teacher rushes out. Moments later, a horde of zombies pile in and all you have is a slingshot and a drawer full of LOST-AND-FOUND items to shoot at them. Good thing you’ve been practicing your aim. Hold left mouse button and drag your mouse to aim. Release to send an item flying at a zombie (or three).
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Extract, then open the .exe OR play the Web Version (see link)


Made in 48 hours by Class of Jan. 29th-31st, 2021:

Matthew Burton - Teacher/Coder/Producer

Justin Bryant - Music Man

Mitchell Cooper - SFX

Lydia Dames - Item Artist

Dean Foreman - Narrative Designer

Austan Harris - Coder

Thomas Kinney - UI Designer/Artist

Emmett Mitchell - Background Artist

Nathan Olvey - Coder

Paeton Pavia - Item Artist

Rhiann White - Character Designer/Animator


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