A mysterious 20-year-old powerpoint seems to contain clues to the disappearance of a counterculture tech guru. Are you leet enough to unlock the final slide?
Jam year: 
Next Slide Please
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Microsoft PowerPoint
Installation Instructions: 

Open START.pptx in the Microsoft PowerPoint desktop app.
If you don't have it, you can upload the slides to powerpoint.com for a 90%-as-good experience (I think you'll have to make a microsoft account if you don't have one). If you're playing this way, once you reach the end (the floating payphone), open secret-online.pptx and enter the password.

Don't even try with Google Sheets.


Design, PPT: Qristy Overton ~ nextlevelbanana.itch.io

Art: Jake Barber ~ @bluecolossal (insta)

Music: Zachary Booth/GargleSmargle ~ https://linktr.ee/ZackBoothAudio


BOCII Agent: Rizzo ~ @autumnwomp (insta)
Ai M. Yu:   Jonah Pulsipher ~ jonapulse.itch.io

SFX: Adam Z

Thought Leadership: Nicole Thurmond

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