Will and Wisp

NOTE: If the game doesn't work on your monitor, try the Itch.io version here: https://duttongames.itch.io/will-and-wisp Oh no, the 'World Generator' has broken! Now the world's light has been lost and it's up to Will and Wisp to find and restore it. To do this, they enter the 'World Generator' in search of the world's light. Can you guide them through and restore the world's lost light? Instructions: Move Wisp with your mouse. Move Will with WASD. Dash with Will with Space. Will is invincible while dashing. Tip: Most obstacles aren't visible unless you shine Wisp's light on them. Make sure you check what's ahead before moving forward!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Extract and run the exe.

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Side Scroller