Who am I?

This is a first-person game that you walk with 'wads' keys. Every morning, you awake on same island and find some stranded crates. With help of your second best friend hammer, you smash them and discover inside of them the items that someone have lost, the items which are have impact on their life for some meaningful way. There is a altar in the middle of this mysterious island and we places some of this items on that altar which affects our next sleep. The game's night part which is we saw a dream about ourselves and decide who were we are, is not finished and implemented yet. By the way, the reason of the why hammer is the our second best friend is that, there is a pineapple in our shack. An ugly pineapple, but we love her/him/it.
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Extract from ZIP and lunch.


Buşra Aştı - Musics.

Mehmet Sümer - Development, Modelling, Game design.

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