The Weight of the Soul

You wake to find yourself in the Underworld. You must now travel back to the land of the living but there are challenges before you that will uplift your soul or weigh it down... Your choices can help you- they can also worsen your state. Know that your soul will be weighed upon arriving at the gateway to the Land of the Living... Should your soul be too heavy- you will be lost forever. Before beginning- Take the 'Scale Weights' and mix them up face down. They will then select 1 of the scale weights at random and place it on one side of the scale. Still face down. This will come into play at the end of the game when players must take the weight their soul had collected and weight themselves. If the players are lighter then the number in the scale, they escape the Underworld! If their weight is heavier than the scale... They are forever lost. Special Event Cards- Special Events can be found within the event card deck. When you draw one of these cards, you will answer yes or no. If no, you take the affect of the card and do nothing more. If you say yes, you will pull out the Encounter cards that corresponds with you card. From there players will read only the result that corresponds with their current location on the board. Example. Player 1 is currently on space 4 so they will only read the effect that correlated with box 4. The game- Players begin the game at the underworld gates with 3 weights each upon their soul. Each turn the players will take 1 card from the Event pile and apply the affects of it as needed. Some event cards will help you more forward by removing weight from your soul, some will make you take on more weight, some will help you move forward, while others will send you back. Players can help or hurt others as they move up and down the board. There are also some environment cards that will hurt everyone! Once a player reaches the Entrance to the Underworld (The finish) they must weigh their soul in the scale. If said player has coin at the end, they can trade their coins in to remove weight (1 coin for 1 weight). That player will then flip the scale weight (For their eyes only) to see if their soul is too heavy to pass through the gates back into the land of the living or if they are gone forever...
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Katherine Dorland

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