Wait, Did the Cat Eat It?

A very short hidden object/carnival style game about xray style scanning stomach contents of cute cats. Well this game idea started out as a butt proctology, hence the Seinfeld reference in the exe name... but that idea got progressively less funny over time and I chickened out of using it altogether so now the narrative wrapper is finding weird stuff your cat might have eaten for why you think those objects are lost. Gameplay wise it's like a carnival crane game meets a hidden object game. You have a list of lost objects to find and you click to stop the scan in the x direction and then click again to stop in the y direction when you see something you're looking for. I was solo and had a lot of other things to do this weekend, so no sounds and only one level. I was also using the "photograbetry" modifier so most of the assets are shot by me... except the legally required on the internet meme for the end of January 2021.
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On the safe side
MS Windows
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Unreal Engine

Molly Jameson

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