Under The Sand Sea

Legends speak of a grand pyramid, the grandest of all pyramids, that is burried somewhere in the deserts of Sakar, the most unwelcoming place on earth. You are an archeologist with dreams of fame. You have the enthusiasm and motiviation, and now enough funds to start looking for the sunken pyramid. Start your camp, set your plans, expand and adjust your facilities and manpower, balance the wellbeing and productivity of your crew, and try to keep everyone sane and -most importantly- alive as you try to survive what hell-on-earth throws at you!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Made with Unity 2019.2.17f1, vanilla (i.e. no additional packages).

Add the project to Unity Hub lists, and then you should -in theory- be able to open the project normally. Inside Unity, manually may need to manually open the scene "SampleScene."

Tested on Windows 10 1909, code edited with VS Code, modelling with Blender, and image editing with GIMP.


Shihab E.

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